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Compassionate Hearts Volunteer Program

Our volunteers are dedicated, caring individuals who have the desire to give their time and talents to support the operations and culture of St. Catherine’s Center for Children. They are also integral team members! Each volunteer has a special set of skills that provides a unique contribution here at St. Catherine’s.

We are honored that you are interested in joining us to deliver safe, equitable, and compassionate care to our clients. We know there are many worthy organizations for you to consider. With our Compassionate Hearts Volunteer Program, you will experience rewarding opportunities while giving back.

Let’s get you started on your volunteer journey! Please click the button below, to fill out our application. We’ll collect your information to help us find the perfect placement for you!

Once you’ve completed your application, please e-mail it to us by clicking the button below or send it through the mail to:

St. Catherine’s Center for Children
Attn: Compassionate Hearts Volunteer Program
40 N. Main Ave.
Albany, NY 12203

Mentorship Programs

Help us mentor children in our residential program and/or students at our R & E May School. 

  • Read books to children
  • Tutor students
  • Become a pen pal
  • Visit as a super hero, a princess, or other inspiring characters

Special Skills Classes

Create enriching experiences by leading a workshop for children in our residential program and/or students at our R & E May School.

  • Baking
  • Nutrition & Healthy Cooking
  • Music
  • Arts & Crafts


Perfect for companies who want to give back to their community! 

  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Jazzy Sun birthdays 
  • Repaint and redecorate a child’s room

Administrative Help

The Foundation of St. Catherine’s Center for Children is always looking for help with administrative tasks!

  • Event planning 
  • Data entry
  • Mailing invites, cards, etc.

Service Learning and Community Service

Some schools may require a certain number of hours be volunteered with a local not-for-profit prior to graduation. It may be as little as one five-hour shift or several hours per week for a semester or school year. We are happy to work with you and your school to reach your volunteer goals!

Household Helpers

  • Laundry helpers
  • Light housekeeping activities
  • Decluttering and organizing

Volunteer Levels 1 & 2

What is the difference between a Level 1 and a Level 2 Volunteer?

Level 1 assignments will take place while children or adult clients are off-site or in places the volunteer(s) will not be during their assignments.

A Level 2 Volunteer may have direct or indirect contact with children or adult clients in any of St. Catherine’s programs during their volunteer assignments. However, volunteers are never allowed to be alone with a child or adult client.


All prospective volunteers must complete the above application, sign both the Confidentiality Contract, and the Volunteer’s Rights and Responsibilities form, and return it to the Volunteer Coordinator via email or mail. Once references are vetted, the prospective volunteer will interview with a program director and volunteer coordinator. After a successful interview onboarding can begin!


To volunteer with St. Catherine’s Center for Children you must be at least 18 years of age.